Book Signing February 10 – Rita Campbell

Rita Campbell

Acworth Bookstore will hold a book signing by Rita Campbell  on Saturday February 10th from 1 to 5 PM.  Rita will be signing her children’s book “Emberlina Sprite-a-Light”. The book  is a Moonbeam Award winning book. The book was written to inspire imaginative learning.

Emberlina lights up the fireflies, mosses and mushrooms that glow in the dark.   But she wakes up one morning to find out that her wand is not working and so she has to go to the light lagoon to get her powers back.  The best part of the book is that it includes a solar mushroom fairy house that encourages the reader to invite the fairies to your yard.  When the light is on in the house at night, the fairies are home.  Rita Campbell, a teacher, master gardener and fairyologist knows how important imagination is to learning and hopes to inspire an imaginative learning environment with her book and fairy house.  “Let the twinkle of light inspire the magic”

Book Signing January 13 – Joan Chabib

Acworth Bookstore will hold a book signing by Joan Chabib  on Saturday January 13th from 1 to 5 PM.  Joan will be signing her book “Gifts from the Caravanserai: Bridging Cultures Through Universal Values”.   Caravanserai of old were hotels along ancient caravan routes. At night, travelers shared stories, songs, traditions and beliefs.

This collection of stories helps children discover the values we share in common.  Although we may observe unique lifestyles and customs, universal values connect us all to the happiness we all desire.

Book Signing November 25 – Trish Greenlee

children's book

Acworth Bookstore will hold a book signing by Trish Greenlee on Saturday November 25th from 1 to 5 PM. Trish will be signing her book “Roxy the Roxstar”, illustrated by Kathy Rennell Forbes.  This is a truly heartwarming story of a mother dog and her puppies who were saved and rescued. This children’s book would make an excellent Christmas present!!

Please plan to join us – and Roxy – Saturday November 25th!

Book Signing November 18 – Mike Ragland

Acworth Bookstore is pleased to host a book signing on Saturday November 18th from 1 to 5 PM.  Mike Ragland will be signing his novels “Bertha” and “A Time to Gather Stones”. Also, he will be signing his children’s book “Living with Lucy”.

Book Signing November 11 – David Trawinski

mystery novel

Acworth Bookstore is pleased to host a book signing on Saturday November 11th from 1 to 5 PM.  David Trawinski will be signing his new novel “The Willow’s Bend”. The author has fused his love of engineering and travel with his love of history. Set in places around the globe – including DC, London and Amsterdam – this mystery novel introduces a retired CIA operative called to investigate a murder.

Speaker Series – Bill Middlesworth on October 17

Acworth Bookstore is pleased to sponsor a speaker on October 17th. Bill will share his experiences as a member of the 128th assault helicopter company, known as the Tomahawks and Gunslingers. He flew missions 1968-69 in Vietnam. Points to be discussed include the teamwork of the flight crew, their jobs and the missions they flew. The talk will be held at the Conservatory, next door to the bookstore. This event starts at 6:30pm on the 17th. Finger foods and beverages will be available. There is no charge for this event but donations are welcome to defray the costs. Please RSVP at 678-403-1355.

Book Signing October 14 – Jim Saltarella

Acworth Bookstore is pleased to host a book signing on Saturday October 14th from 1 to 4 PM. Jim will be signing his new book ” Acworth: Heritage, History Hauntings. This book explores Acworth’s history as documented in newspaper accounts, internet searches and ‘urban legends and folklore’ as told and passed down orally and informally. Jim also conducts the Acworth Ghost Tours and many of the book’s stories are included in the tour.